A night on the Bund with 6 GoPros

For an installation in South Africa, I took part in a global 360 degree GoPro project.



The project would give the public in Johannesburg a 360 degree realtime simulated view of different locations from around the world.

I would be covering China by shooting at the bund in Shanghai.

A 3D printed mount for 6 GoPros was downloaded and printed at a local 3D print shop.

A giant battery was hired as well as extra gopros and cables.

The time I had to work with was, unfortunate for me.

2am till 7am. 


It wasn't that bad, actually. Especially seeing as it was a Saturday night. I had no trouble or interference which goes to show how safe Shanghai is compaired to other metropolises.


Watching the people change throughout the morning was fascinating. 

Romantic strolls and make out sessions turned into drunk people stumbling along the walk way. Sanitation workers cleaning up. A couple of joyriders on motorbikes. A student from a neighboring city who decided last minute he wanted to jump on a train and come and see the sunrise. Or Bundrise.

This was actually my first #bundrise so I brought along my GH4 to record a separate timelapse of my own. 


As the sun started to come up the walk way became flooded with elderly joggers and early morning exercisers.

By 7am the bund was in full swing and it was time for me to pack up and head to bed. 


I still have a copy of the footage, I hope to get around to making some kind of timelapse with it soon.