What I've been up to

2014 has been undoubtedly my biggest year so far and Shanghai has proven to be the perfect city to improve my craft. Here's some of my projects from the last few months.

Although we haven't been making episodes as frequent as we used to. We still found some time to make some new Donnie Does adventures.

This last one we shot explores Donnie's triumphant return to the Shanghai Sharks stadium (AKA The Shark Tank). This should be out within a couple of months due to Zach (Donnie) and mines increasingly busy schedule.

Donnie is tough to keep in focus when he's on, so recently I've taken to shooting him on just the GoPro attached to a gimbal. And audio captured via the Rode SmartLav connected to my iPhone.

This is proving to be far more effective than using a DSLR for on the fly/run and gun situations.

Over the last few months I helped create a new show for TMD Studios called Mamahuhu. A low budget skit show in English and Chinese where I co-write, direct, shoot and edit.

The show has proven to be quite popular, in fact our YouTube Channel alone has grown 15,000 subscribers since we started only 4 months ago!!


The show wouldn't have been possible without the generous contribution from some of the talented writers and performers that Shanghai has to offer.

In 2013 I shot a lot of hotels in China as I was working for online travel channel, Insider TV.

Recently I got my first hotel gig since, as cinematographer for a Kerry Hotel promo.


It was on this project that I had my first opportunity to shoot with the FS7. A beautiful new camera from Sony with internal 4k slog recording.

Over the last few month I have also been working with fashion blogger, Vivi Lo from Taiwan. Producing quirky makeup tutorials for Asian women. It was a girly couple of months and I understood nothing.

Episodes were shot on the GH4 in 4k and downscaled to 1080.

Myself and the Rap Battle team got together for the third time for another episode. This time Mall Shopping vs Online Shopping.

You can check it out by clicking here.

My camera of choice was to use the FS7.

After the Kerry Hotel shoot I couldn't wait for a chance to work with it again. Beautiful image, minimal fuss. It was also my first shoot using the DJI Ronin.

Another Yuyintang live show. Shanghai's home for local live music.

This time I was shooting for Hello Money's farewell show. Multi-cam shoots at this venue are challenging, it can get cramped, there's a giant pillar in the middle of the room and the floor vibrates from the bass and people dancing. So I tend to use GoPros mounted to the celling and monitors for stage angles, and my GH4 and LX100 shooting from the back of the room.

Shooting has began for my music documentary about Scottish musician Emma Pollock, and her first China tour. She will be performing on her tour with Shanghai based musicians. Here they are rehearsing for her arrival.

I will be shooting this doc mainly on the GH4, with GoPros and LX100 as B-Cameras.



So thats about everything, my blog is all caught up and I can feel less guilty about not updating it more often, for now.