City Livin' Music Video

Round Eye, Shanghai's self proclaimed hairiest band, reached out about doing another music video.


This time they needed something simpler and quicker than last years 'Suntan' music video.

With a low budget and short amount of time I went for the ol' on the street concept. But with a twist.

Shot in half a day with My GoPro 4 Black on a G3 Ultra gimbal, we walked around Shanghai and in addition rented 1 hour with Max, my drone guy.

The video was recorded with the guys miming the song playing slowly at half speed (so they looked even more ridiculous during the shoot).


The footage was then sped up to match the song, giving the footage an animated/over-cranked feel. - This is my first video available in 4k (on YouTube).

For viewers in China, click here to watch.