June 2015 Update

MG Lovers

For 520 Day (I Love You Day), I shot and directed a viral video with MG where couples would kiss or do funny stuff in the backseat of a MGGS kitted out to project their silhouettes.

It had rained all day but luckily stopped right before we showed up to the location.

 The camera of choice for this shoot was again, the Sony FS7. Shot in 4K at 60fps, along with some time-lapses of the crew setting up. The GoPro 4 Black was used inside the car to show the couples.

Shooting went late into the night, and the turn around for the edit was one day. But we made it.

And here is the finished video. I'm really happy with it, and happier to have worked with my first car brand. As of writing this, the video has gained over 5 million views on YouKu! A very nice success.

MG Cars celebrate 520 Day and the launch of the new MG-GS. For viewers in China without a VPN, please CLICK HERE


Zhujiajiao Punk

For local laowai band,  I shot and directed a nice little punk rock music video, all the way out in Zhujiajiao water-town.

This was a very simple but effective shoot, a throwback to the punk pop videos of my teenage years. One GoPro 4 Black, one 'rustic' live bar out in the sticks and multiple takes.

Here's the finished product. 

Shot at Zher Bar, Zhujiajiao. For viewers in China without a VPN, please CLICK HERE


Suzhou Rap/Rock

And then it was off to Suzhou for another music video. This time with Suzhou-ers (?), Pyroglyphix.

This one was shot on the Sony FS7 at Wave Bar with their friends as extras.

It came out quite nice. The inclusion of the crazy guy kept it from being just a performance video. Here it is.

For viewers in China without a VPN, please CLICK HERE


A Storm Is Coming

Literally. This was the press launch for the 2015 EDM Storm Festival.

Last year I shot a promo at Storm festival for Afrojack and Shermanology. A2Live seemed to like the videos and got me on board with them for this year!


Space Jam 2

I then DP'd and edited this kids basketball summer camp promo. The script is super cheesy (but hey, it's for kids), and I wish I had longer for effects and colour grading. But it was fun to make.


Chivas Masters 2015

Then it was onto three days shooting the 2015 Chivas Masters Shanghai.


Filming was to be for a tv show style series of videos that Chivas would combine for their world events.

I shot all B-roll with my GH4 and GoPro 4. Interviews were done with the 5DMII. Next year is looking to be a much bigger event as the grand final will take place in Shanghai.

Well that's everything for the last month or so. Thanks for reading!