July 2015 Update + New Camera!

It's be awesomely hectic, which I'm very thankful for. However, with less time I'm resorting to monthly blog updates. Oh well. Here's some of the things I did in July!


Round Eye Album Launch

One of my favourite Shanghai based bands and good friends Round Eye had their album launch at OnStage. The event was particularly special as they had Mr Steve Mackay (from The Stoogies & Violent Femmes) perform with them. And for the track "God Doesn't Know," my wife, Xi Avezzano also joined them on stage. - I shot with 3 GoPro's, 1 GH4 and 1 LX100 (handheld).

Taken from the self-titled LP, Round Eye (2015). Featuring guest performances from Steve MacKay (The Stoogies) and Xi Avezzano. For viewers in China without a VPN, CLICK HERE.

Garibaldi Watches

For an IndiGoGo campaign I was brought in to make a promo for a new brand called Garibaldi. A watch brand with a nice touch to a classic design. This was my first 'kickstarter' video, and I'm currently working on another one already! You can check out the brand at www.garibaldiwatches.com

Garibaldi watches have premium Japanese selvedge denim embossed on a leather strap as well as on the dial.


A Koh Lanta Home Video

I finally got around to cutting together some of the travel footage from my February 2015 trip to Thailand. Koh Lanta is one of my favourite places in the world that I've now visited around 3/4 times. Check it out.

Best island ever. Family and friends hang out on Lanta, February 2015. Shot by Alessio Avezzano (GoPro) and Charlie Cooper (GH4).

A Moment in Vienna

This month I also flew out to Austria for a corporate job. I had the fist day to shoot some scenes of the city, so I took the opportunity to create a nice little postcard from the beautiful city of Vienna. I didn't have the time (or the strength to put up with the 37 degrees weather) to get complete coverage of the city, but the video came out well none the less. Which I think is partly down to my wife's beautiful score that she wrote and recorded for it!

Shot and edited by Alessio Avezzano. Original music by Xi Avezzano. Filmed in Vienna, Austria on the Lumix GH4 and GoPro Hero 4 Black. July 2015.

I shot this video on my trusty Panasonic Lumix GH4 in 4K. Which I've had and loved using for over a year now. But now I feel it's time to move on. Which is why I've said...


Goodbye GH4 Hello Sony A7RII


As I said, I've loved using the GH4, mostly... Things I love about include it's small size, amazingly detailed picture, and incredible battery life. But things I've not enjoyed are it's poor lowlight performance (maxing out at 800 ISO or 1600 ISO if you don't mind a bit of visible grain), lack of decent log and just not quite reaching that Super 35mm look never mind Full-Frame.

Two cameras were recently announced that made me consider an upgrade. The URSA Mini by Blackmagic Design and the A7RII by Sony.

If money wasn't an issue I would have likely wen't for the URSA Mini 4.6K, it looks incredible. However, that honestly wouldn't have been the practical decision and we've yet to see any test footage or reviews.

But in the end, Sony was the smarter decision. And here's why.

For many jobs, clients clients choose to upgrade from my own camera in favour of a slow-motion option. For slow motion, my go to rental is the Sony FS7. Stunning camera! So now that I own the A7RII, which has Slog2, I can consistently match the look of the Sony FS7 easily giving me the perfect b-camera to larger scale shoots and interviews.

On top of that, size. You can see in the above photo, for a full-frame 42.5 megapixel 4k camera, it's not that much bigger than my previous GH4. Yes it's a little heavier but size is really important for what I do as more often than not I need to be able to carry 90% of my gear myself.

Other well documented benefits of the A7RII include a 5 Axis in-body stabiliser, fast autofocus even with Canon EF lenses, 4K Slog, 1080p 60fps, a massive 42.5 megapixel sensor and both full-frame and super 35mm recording options. It's usable ISO is not quite A7S amazing but coming from the GH4, an easily usable 6400 ISO is incredible enough!

The A7RII is definitely looking like the new king of DSLR's leaving Canon in the dust and Panasonic needing to make some serious moves in order to keep up.

However, I do not appreciate having to pay an additional $10 for a time-lapse function. Bad Sony.


That's all for this post, I've got some more exciting projects on the way so I'll leave you now with a couple of the first photos taken with my new camera. Click to enlarge and see ya!