Air Walker

Straight after the Round Eye video it was time to hit the green screen again! ...F**k!

Again I love the results, but for this one I knew I had a lot of work ahead.

Lynette ready for her close up

I first saw Air Walker play at Yuyintang on a Saturday afternoon not long after moving to Shanghai. Their song 'Bird' is amazing live, right away I knew I wanted to make a video for it. It too a while to come up with a concept and time to shoot, but we got there in the end.

Bird is a wrap!

The videos concept basically comes from me watching the intro to True Detective and thinking I want to learn how to do that. On and off it took me the entire summer to edit the video, learning new techniques along the way.

Air Walker - Bird

I think in the end the technique diverted a lot from the True Detective look I had started out with as my original goal.